The National Academy for State Health Policy (NASHP) and the de Beaumont Foundation have developed a set of practical, real-world tools to help governors and their teams address their policy priorities by improving health. I was thrilled to serve on a small ad hoc advisory group that contributed our thoughts and shared resources for this public health toolkit for new governors.

Governors can control costs, advance their priorities, and enhance lives by improving the social and economic conditions that make up 80 percent of the factors affecting their residents’ health. Governors are uniquely positioned to maximize state resources to address the conditions affecting health by leading cross-agency and public-private collaborations, leveraging siloed state resources, and advancing evidence-based health policy approaches.

If you have additional resources you think should be included please reach out to the National Academy for State Health Policy staff. I think they did an amazing job pulling together a comprehensive, pragmatic toolkit for addressing upstream social determinants of health. Check it out at the link below.