Capacity Building, Strategic Alignment, Landscape Analysis, Technical Assistance (TA). What do these words mean to you and your organization?

Nonprofit leaders can drive decisions and skillfully navigate the “technical assistance industrial complex” with a little careful planning and introspection. In this StriveTogether guest blog my co-authors Stacy Schweikhart, AICP, Jamilica Burke, MS, PMP, and I offer tips for cutting through consulting buzzwords to gain *real* insight for long-term sustainability.

1️⃣   Clarify your capacity-building priorities

2️⃣   Assess timing and human capacity to engage

3️⃣   Set expectations and benchmarks for accountability

4️⃣   Communicate authentically with funders and TA providers

5️⃣   Leverage successful TA to build community-wide capacity

Bottom Line: Protect your energy and make TA engagements count! 💪


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